Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever

Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever

Vultr is an American based cloud hosting company with data centers all around the world. The cloud hosting company was founded by Dave Aninowsky in February 2014.

The company lets you deploy cloud servers in 16 locations around the world for cheap as $5 a month. In 5 years, the company has reached a milestone of 20 million cloud servers deployed.

Do you want to know how to earn with Vultr or use VPS free forever. Here is the tips for you.

How to use VPS free or earn money

Launching an application on VPS hosting always show that as a good choice, promising a lot of advantages than shared hosting with limitations.

But you’ve ever thought “How I can use the VPS for FREE?” or “How I can earn money while using VPS?”.

Costing down the monthly hosting fees that we were charging for VPS hosting is the best way to keep room in your wallets to do others projects.

If you were like me, this post is for you

You can use FREE VPS at DigitalOcean or even Linode by the similar way but Vultr VPS more advantage than the others. Because you can turn the credit that you’ve earned into VPS ready to use or withdraw it to your PayPal account.

It doesn’t like at DigitalOcean which the credit you earned will be turned into VPS credit. And you can’t withdraw it forever. You can only use those credits as a FREE way to charge your VPS.

Similarly to DigitalOcean is Linode, they just offer the VPS credit in the referral program which means you can get only the credit to deploy the VPS hosting. The services at Linode and DigitalOcean are definitely good, but the referral program was difficult to make income to withdraw.

But Vultr is totally different!

They offer two ways to use your credit earning via the referral program:

  • Use as VPS FREE credit lifetime.
  • Withdraw to PayPal account with ease.
  • Notes: You must select Account credit or PayPal optional. To apply one of above method. Once a credit turned into account credit, you can’t withdraw it, but you can withdraw other credits which you earn next months.

Vultr affiliate program

Vultr has an awesome affiliate program where you can refer new customers and get paid. Referred users get $25-$100 in free credits to try out Vultr making it easy to sign up new users.

To get your refer link and earn money, sign up for VULTR, go to Affiliate tab and you will find your referral link.

There are two affiliate programe: Linking code and Give $100, Get $25.

What is Linking code?

Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever
Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever

Affiliates get paid after the referral has spent $10 and been active for 1 month.

What is Give $100, Get $25?

Affiliates get paid $25 for every new unique paid user you refer. The users you refer receive $100 to test out platform within 30 days.

Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever
Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever

Similarly to Linking Code programe, but referred users must be active for 30+ days and use at least $25 in payments to be counted as verified sales.

Note! This code will be available for a limited time!

Click the link to get free $100 for trial:

Vultr includes affiliates with a large variety of logos, banners, and other promotional media.


Vultr’s affiliate program makes affiliate marketers reach a $100 minimum before they can get paid out. The company pays affiliates through PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever
Tips for earning with Vultr or use VPS free forever

Or you can choose Account Credit (no payout minimum). I like this option for use VPS free forever.

The tips for earning

Here is the tips:

  • Share your refferal link on social media.
  • Create a website about this topic and share for everyone.
  • Write your post how to use VPS Vultr.

Method 1: sharing the referral link to social media networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. Notice that doesn’t spam too much or bidding on their keywords involving something like Vultr on Google AdWord.

Method 2: Create a niche site and sharing only about Vultr VPS voucher, gift codes or some similar coupons from the other providers like DigitalOcean or Linode. You can advertise on the niche site but don’t bidding on their keywords like I say in the Method 1.

That! Did you see it easy too much to use Vultr VPS FREE credit and has a chance to create first income to withdraw?

Using VPS always profitable than shared hosting that admitted by web developers, designers, and freelancers.

I just help you here! The others you must do it for yourself! Enjoy this post then turn it into your advantages!

Please see more at: Vultr Promotions And Gift Codes for April 2020 – $100 Free Credit for New Account

Good luck!


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